your money

while shopping online. Do not share your card details with any seller. Only Enter your card information on sites that are secure (with a padlock before the URL).

Avoid seeking help from strangers in or around the ATM lobby. If you need assistance, please engage a Centenary Bank staff wearing an ID.

Ensure you cover the ATM keypad with your hand while inputting your PIN to prevent another person from seeing it.

After transacting, pick your cash and receipt and confirm you are leaving with the correct card.

Report any suspicious persons in or around the ATM lobby to security or bank staff. Or call toll-free lines 0800200555 (MTN) and 0800335344 (Airtel)

CenteVisa Card Tips:

Card Fraud
  • If you happen to misplace your Visa card or if it is stolen, you should block it immediately using the CenteMobile option or report its loss immediately to the bank by calling toll-frees 0800200555 (MTN) and 0800335344 (Airtel)
  • Do not share your CenteVisa card details with anyone i.e. your PIN, 16 digits at the front of the card, and 3 digits at the back of the card should be kept secret.
  • Do not Share Photos of your Visa Card with anyone.

Cente Online Banking Tips:

  • You are advised to only access our CenteOnline banking platform through the official Centenary Bank website ( ) with a “padlock” sign to indicate that it is secure.
  • Set a strong password that cannot easily be guessed. Your password should have a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols e.g. L@$$w0rd
  • Remember to always log out of your CenteOnline account before closing the browser.

Email Message Tips:

Try to analyze the sender’s email addresses before replying or sharing sensitive information and If in doubt, contact the bank through our designated communication channels.
We highly discourage opening attachments or links in emails from unknown senders or filling in forms requiring personal information.

CenteMobile Banking Tips:

Do not share your CenteMobile PIN with anyone and ensure you log out of your CenteMobile or Agent banking account when done transacting.

Do not share your one time Pin(OTP)

Do not exchange sim cards with other People.

Do not Login your Cente mobile on a Public Network.

Do not Take screenshots from your cente mobile banking App.

You are encouraged to delete text messages about your banking transactions after reading and acting on them.

WhatsApp Tips:

Do not Open unsolicited Links.

Do not forward malicious links through WhatsApp.

Do not forward Personal Banking details to Anyone on WhatsApp.

Do not Engage with anyone who claims to be from Centenary.We do not have a WhatsApp Number as yet.

General Anti-fraud Tips:

Do not offer or accept bribes from any of our employees in exchange for banking services.
Avoid seeking help from strangers while in the banking hall. Always engage only bank staff wearing their Centenary Bank identity cards and report any suspicious persons or activity in the banking hall to the bank staff present.

How To Report Fraud

For any fraud-related alerts, feedback, or complaints, you can reach us through the following channels.

  • Report any suspicious act or fraud incident to 0317 202 343
  • You can contact any of our Branch Managers.
  • Drop a letter in the suggestion box at your nearest branch
Digital Channels:
  • Send us a direct message (DM) on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Engage our service team instantly through the Live Chat on our website @
  • Email our head office teams via
  • Or call toll-free lines 0800200555 (MTN) and 0800335344 (Airtel
  • 0317202002/2315 or 0750555852
  • Or E-mail:

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