Cente Mortgage Loan

This is a medium-to-long term housing finance product targeting salary earners as well as economically active rural and urban low, middle and high regular income earners engaged in self-employment.

Product Features

Minimum loan amount of UGX 20 million and maximum UGX 300 million

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Maximum period of up to 10 years

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Interest charged on reducing balance Basis

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Grace period of up to 6 months

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Repayment plan aligned to cash flow of the borrower

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Hold a Current or Savings Centenary Bank account

Completed mortgage application form

Payment of mortgage processing fees

Financial card

Residence within the bank’s area of operation

Eligible adult should not be more than 55 years at the time of application

Existence of verifiable source(s) of income

Borrower’s contribution of at least 30% of the total housing project cost

Proof of property ownership – genuine land title or copy of certificate of title for the property to be purchased or developed

Valid identity documents

Most recent passport photos (2)

Bill of Quantities (BOQ) for the house in the case of construction

Approved architectural design for the house in case of construction

Loan to value ratio of at most 80%.

Applicant must be a resident within the Branch’s designated area of operation

Eligible property – single family and multi-unit homes

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