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Transact 3 times or more using CenteVisa, CenteMobile or CenteAgent for a chance to win UGX 100,000 Weekly

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How to Win UGX 100,000 Weekly

Send and withdraw money, clear bills or pay for goods & services using CenteMobile, CenteVisa and CenteAgent and stand a chance of winning weekly cash prizes.
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Enter the draw by using your CenteVisa Debit or Prepaid card up to 3 times to pay for goods & services online e.g. Jumia store or at any other merchant including supermarkets, restaurants, among others

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Dial *211# or Log onto the CenteMobile App to transfer money, clear bills or pay for goods and services and much more, to stand a chance of winning.

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Withdraw, send money or pay bills up to 3 times at any of our CenteAgent locations countrywide to stand a chance of winning.

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See some fun facts about satu ku satu


Here's everything you need to know about the Satu Ku Satu promotion. Simply transact and you could be among the lucky winners.

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about satu ku satu campaign
What is Satu Ku Satu ?

Get to know about Satu Ku Satu

Satu Ku Satu is a rewards campaign currently being run by Centenary Bank to reward customers who transact using the alternative banking channels. For one to win, they need to transact at least 3 times in a week using CenteAgent, CenteMobile or CenteVisa
Lucky winners will have their accounts credited with UGX 100,000.

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What they say about Satu ku Satu

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Please look through the FAQs below for Self help regarding Satu ku satu

Yes, we have a campaign code named Satu ku Satu where we want to give back to our customers who are using any of our alternative channels; CenteAgent, CenteMobile and CenteVISA to do their banking needs. We want our customers to celebrate the Easter Season with some Money.
The Satu ku Satu campaign is targeting both existing and non-customers.

  1. Existing and registered customers will participate by transacting using any of the 3 channels CenteAgent, CenteMobile or CenteVISA.
  2. Existing yet not registered customers are encouraged to visit any branch, register to use these channels then start transacting to stand a chance to win.
  3. For non- customers they must start by opening an account, get registered to use these channels then join the rest of the customers in transacting in order to stand a chance to win

So, this is to call on all our customers to start transacting using the Banks Alternative channels of CenteAgent, CenteMobile and CenteVISA and those who have not registered, we request them to register so that they are able to participate in the Satu ku Satu campaign.

Satu is a Luganda word meaning three. The Satu ku Satu campaign is targeting 3 or more transactions on any 3 channels. To qualify one must transact 3 times on any of our 3 channels CenteAgent, CenteMobile or CenteVISA. So, our name Satu ku Satu is derived from the 3 transactions on any of the 3 channels our customers must use in order to qualify. It can simply be 3 or more transactions on any 3 channels, and you stand a chance to win.

Centenary Bank has put in place these alternative channels to enable customers access Banking services easily, anywhere at any time and in a cost-effective way. Our major aim of engaging in this campaign is to encourage our customers to use these channels and save on time and money spent moving to our branches.
We have 5,200 CenteAgents that are within our customers neighborhood so instead of paying for a boda, taxi to go to a branch, through this campaign we want our customers to do their banking at our CenteAgents in order to stand a chance to win if you transact 3 or more times.
Most of our Customers have Mobile phones but majority use them for making/receiving calls, through this campaign we are telling them that your phone is a bank get it connected to CenteMobile to start transacting and for those who are connected just keep transacting. This is the time to be rewarded for transacting.
When the CenteCard became a CenteVISA, it got other properties like being able to make payments and during this campaign we are telling our customers to use their CenteVISA card to make payments and stand a chance to win.

Just like the 5 FOR 5 campaign, the Satu ku Satu campaign will reward customers who have transacted using the Alternative channels with cash prize of Shs 100,000.

Because the Bank wants many people to win during the Satu ku Satu campaign, the number of transactions has been reduced to just 3 or more within a week to stand a chance to win. Therefore, the difference here is that during the 5 for 5 campaign, a customer had to do 5 or more transactions within a week but with the Satu ku Satu, a customer just must make 3 transactions in a week on any of the 3 channels to stand a chance.

Our dear customers kindly start transacting now to stand a chance to win UGX 100,000 weekly during the Satu ku Satu campaign.

The winners’ during the Satu ku Satu campaign will have their accounts automatically credited with UGX 100,000 upon confirmation as a weekly winner. The campaign targets to reward over 40 customers weekly from 7 regions across Uganda for a period of 3 month.
Again, I want to encourage our customers to participate in the Satu ku Satu campaign and stand a chance to win UGX 100,000 weekly.

As a Bank our major role is to continuously educate our customers on products and services that we churn out for our customers’. We are into this campaign to educate our customers on how easily and cost effective they can access financial services of the Bank.

The whole World is moving in the digital direction and we at Centenary Bank would not like our customers to be left behind. Through this campaign we hope that our customers will start using the channels and get used to transacting on the digital front.

At Centenary, we are moving towards becoming a smart Bank by 2026 where by most of our services will be accessible on-line. We are hand holding our customers during this campaign to be able to use these channels so that when most of our services have been put online, our customers will not find it difficult to consume our services.

As a Bank we also love to give back to our customers who have been faithfully consuming our services and that is the reason why we have revamped the alternative channels so that we are able to give back to our customers.

To improve the customer experience, the Bank has implemented a lot of integrations within the 3 channels to ensure that our customers get the best experience as they conveniently transact.
This has been integrated with CenteAgent, our CenteMobile customers can now withdraw money at any CenteAgent locations by simply dialing *211≠ select CenteMobile, then select (2)Send money then they select 4 (Agent Withdraw) then they select either 1 (to self) or 2 (to other) they will follow prompts until they generate a code that they or the person you are sending money will present to the Agent in order to be able to complete the withdraw process at a CenteAgent. Those with the CenteMobile App simply log on to the app and follow the prompts.
CenteAgent has been at the center of all our upgrades on the alternative channels. CenteAgent has been enhanced to accommodate the functionality of the other 2 channels. The recent update has been on the CenteVISA withdrawals at any CenteAgent. Our customers with CenteVISA cards can now walk to any CenteAgent to withdraw money using their cards. Cash voucher functionality enables our customers to send money to anyone who has a phone and the person will receive the exact amount sent without being charged.
When the CenteCard became a CenteVISA, this was purposefully for the benefit of our customers. The CenteVISA card has quite a wide range of functionalities as compared to the CenteCard that could only be used to pick cash from the ATM. Our customers can now use the CenteVISA card to make payments online or pay for their goods or services at locations with Point Of Sale (POS) terminal instead of carrying cash always. Within the Card product line, we have added CenteVISA Pre Paid card targeting customers and non-customers who want to manage their spending. The Pre-Paid is not attached to any account, those who use them keep loading money they want to spend onto this card. Centenary Bank also rolled out the Platinum Mastercard card to cater for the needs of its high-end customers. The MasterCard Platinum card has superior features mainly for customers with high spending power and are frequent traveler. The Platinum Master Card has benefits such as high transaction limits, access to airport lounges, fast track for Visa applications, discounts in some partnering stores among others.

Therefore, with all these new enhancements all our different categories of customers are catered for. Customers can use them to be part of the winners during this promotion.

This campaign will run for 3 months starting, April – June 2022.

As I wind up, on behalf of the Board, Management and staff of Centenary Bank, I wish to thank our customers who have supported the Bank by consuming its products and services. The Bank is giving back to you our customers through the Satu ku Satu campaign, embrace the campaign and start using the alternative channels to stand a chance to win UGX 100,000 weekly.

Feel free to contact us on our toll-free customer helplines 0800 200555/0800335344 or visit the nearest Centenary branch for any support or inquiries.