Get a Centenary Bank Personal Account of your choice using CenteOnTheGo Feature on the CenteMobile App

You can now open any personal account in minutes using your phone from the safety of your home or office.


How to Get Started

  • Download the CenteMobile App from Playstore of App Store
  • Click on “CenteOnTheGo account opening
  • Select your preferred Account type from the available list e.g. CenteDiaspora, CentePlus CenteSavings etc and choose your preferred branch
  • Capture the details below in the digital form provided
    1. Take a picture of the front side of your National ID
    2. Take a selfie with both ears visible
    3. Write down your signature and take a clear photo of it
  • Complete the form by providing details as required for your preferred account
  • Click Submit. An email or SMS with a One Time Password will be sent
  • Input the OTP to confirm authorization and submit your details. Your account will be activated within 48 hours and the details will be sent via SMS or email

  • ...


    • No need for paperwork
    • Automatic CenteMobile registration
    • Instant CenteAgent registration
    • No need to walk to the branch
    • It’s 100% secure
    • Works even if you are out of the country


    Personal Accounts You can open

    • CenteSavings Account - For everyday Savings
    • CentePlus Account – Tailor made to help you commit and reach your goals faster
    • CenteJunior Account – To help you save and secure your child’s future
    • CenteDiaspora Account – Designed for those working abroad
    • CenteVolution Account – Perfect for the students


    In order to open an account online, you need the following;

    • A front picture of your National ID
    • A clear photo of your signature
    • A clear selfie with both ears visible.

    Tips when Opening your Account

    • Do not allow anyone to open for you an account unless they are Centenary Bank staff.
    • Do not exchange your phone with anyone. This could expose your OTP and PIN
    • Do not take photos with glasses or a mask.
    • Ensure that both your ears are visible when submitting your photo.
    • Make sure you have good light before taking photos of your ID or signature.


    This is a self-service account opening solution on the bank’s CenteMobile App, where by a potential client can download the CenteMobile App from Google Play Store or App Store and follow the steps to self-on-board or open for him/self an account.

    At the moment one can open the following accounts:

    1. CenteSavings Account
    2. CenteSupa Woman Account
    3. CenteDiaspora Account
    4. CentePlus Account
    5. CenteVolution Account

    If you wish to open any other type of account, please visit your nearest Centenary branch.

    No. All accounts opened at the branch or via CenteOn The Go have the same features

    1. You must hold a valid National Identity card
    2. You must be aged above 18 years
    3. Once you meet the above 2 requirements, you can use the service anywhere in the world

    Yes. Both existing customers or non-customers are eligible for this process can open accounts using for this service.

    You can still open an account through any of our branches or CenteAgents. Just remember you will need to bring a valid National Identification card, 2 Passport size photos and proof of current permanent address.

    The same charges apply to all accounts as per the 2021 Tariff Guide. Visit our website and click publications in the footer to view the tariffs.

    Your account will be allocated to this branch for monitoring, but you can conduct business from any branch and through our digital banking channels, once your account is opened.

    Your account will be open and activated within 24hours

    No. You will have to request for a CenteVISA debit or prepaid card at any of our branches closest to you.

    1. Photo should be taken in a well-lit environment
    2. Clean the camera to free it of any smudges/ dirt
    3. Blurred Images will produce inconsistent results
    4. ID image should be re-sized to fit grid lines
    5. Do not use thumb print as your signature

    No, foreigners do not have valid Ugandan ID’s

    Deposit at least monthly. Deposits can be done through CenteMobile, CenteAgent Points, ATM’s and over the counter. Note: Your account becomes dormant after 24 months of no activity.

    One only needs a valid Ugandan National ID

    Call the Bank’s Customer Care department on toll free lines; 0800200555 (MTN), 0800335344 (Airtel) or email;

    1. Locally in Uganda you can deposit at any Centenary Bank branch, CenteAgent points, direct from Mobile wallet to Bank, Electronic Funds Transfer, Real Time Gross Settlement and any other acceptable means of deposit.

    2. Internationally via Telegraphic transfers through our correspondent banks, CITIBankfor USD and Sparkasse Aachen-GBP and EUROs (details on the Banks website).

    Other ways to deposit funds on your account, depending on country of residence use respective remittance companies include;

    1. Wave- for USA, UK and Canada (These have an App for which customers subscribe)
    2. World Remit- Europe (you can check their website for the specifics)-App to which customers subscribe.
    3. Western Union
    4. Money Gram
    5. UAE Exchange, Dahabshil, Al dahab, and other remittance companies/agents for United Arab Emirates and Middle East